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Norik Vardanian was one of the rising US 94k lifters circa 2004-2005ish before he got injured and was pretty quiet through 2006 and 2007 save for some "mediocre" (I use this term very loosely) performances. It wasn't until very recently that he re-appeared in great form at the 2008 Arnold Classic and USAW Senior Nationals and totaled 355k - which I think matches the hitherto unchallenged Jeff Wittmer's best total. A week or two before this a vid was released on youtube with Norik jerking 195 in training, so it looks like the only place he's going is up.

Norik Vardanian's dad is former Soviet great Yurik Vardanian, who snatched 171k at like 83 or something back in the 80s. They both pull the same way, back angle increases through the first pull and the amortization phase, and a very linear bar path through the second pull.

Today I snatched up to 90k and attempted to waveload up to it again but didn't accomplish this.

Power cleaned and jerked up to 105k, attempted 110k again and didn't even rack it. Squat cleaned it and missed the jerk. Power cleaned and jerked 100k, then 105k again. Attempted 105k again and only squat cleaned it. Dropped down to 70k and worked my way back up for doubles, eventually taking 90 and 95k smoothly, but 102.5k for just a single.

Study breaked, then low-bar back squat.

140k for 5, 150k for 2, 1, 2, stopped.

Pressed 60k for 5, 65k for two singles, then 67.5k for a single.

Pull ups, +45lbs for 5, +50lbs for two triples, then reverse hypers ... this chick I went to high school with was there with her boyfriend, SHE IS SO HOT.

So-so training session, I swear I'm good for like a 110k power clean and I'll be goddamned if I don't pull it out in the next couple weeks.

Eating and going to bed.
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