105k snatch

a caveman's finesse

n: 1.) strength training like a fucking caveman

so i think the bloat concept works
105k snatch
i uh

i really like First Chinese Barbecue's combination fried rice

i don't like fried rice in general, but i like the way First Chinese Barbecue makes it because of the shredded cabbage and just general flavor i guess

so i ate what must have been at least 4 cups of it yesterday, over the course of two meals, and did not regret it (i had barbecued pork and a protein shake with the rice, just to clarify)

basically, loading up on carbs the day before a workout or a meet is supposed to top off glycogen levels? i don't know if you actually use glycogen in a 3x5 squat, i'm pretty sure you don't, but that's neither here nor there

i mean it could have also been the caffeine in the Mocha Latte flavor Muscle Milk i'm currently stacking, i felt like shit after drinking that shake and realized i'd been caffeinated once i got the caffeine headache that accompanies me drinking coffee and subsequently having coffee-smelling urine

i'm almost certain that it wasn't the 6 strips of applewood bacon, 4 eggs fried in bacon grease, and orange that i ate pre-workout, that's not really what i'd classify as a particularly big pre-workout meal

didn't know how i'd feel with today's workout but i blew up some 415lbs squats surprisingly well considering how 410lbs felt last week, got 5, 5, and 2, third set was really hard. on the last rep my hamstrings relaxed and that was it, knees came forward and i was pinned.

overhead pressed 165lbs for 5, 4, 3, these sets were done with less than 5 minutes rest ;( ;( ;(

overall not a bad workout, i feel reasonably good about what i did today

also, check out this fucking t-shirt:


and check out the study which inspired the fucking t-shirt:


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105k snatch
DLed 445lbs for a triple. this was ez pz

i think that's the only thing of merit i've done since last update

this past Sunday i snatched and c+jed, didn't really do anything useful, snatched up to 97k and cleaned up to 120k. didn't feel that hot this workout. did a set of 5 clean shrugs at 445lbs afterwards

Rip told me my goal should be to clean shrug 100lbs over my 5rm DL ? so ............... i guess i will be getting some fucking yoke

i am going to develop the moniker shrugthug for myself, mostly to troll Justin. this may mean i will make a new blog to reflect that

uh so i guess i am squatting 415lbs for reps either tomorrow or Wed, i dunno how that's gonna go, the last set of 5 at 410lbs 3x5 was very literally a limit set, 416lbs x 5 would not have happened, might have to alter the workout and go for five triples

past week
105k snatch
squat 410lbs 3x5 at WFAC, benched 240lbs x 5, 4, 4 there as well

i got fucked this past intensity day, was at the tail end of working seven days straight and sleep was kind of rough, didn't really do much damage

AC sent me a video of him overhead pressing 245lbs x 3

at the end of the video he shouts "YEAH KENT." he had dedicated this set to his friend Kent prior to attemping it. when he sent it to me i told him i thought it was cool. so he says,

"I will dedicate my 365lbs x 3 bench to you next week."

and i told him,

"Tight, I'll dedicate my 410lbs x 5 squat to you."

my best friend Justin has left for Florida, so it is just me and my other best friends Mike and Chris training at the WFAC now

past couple days
105k snatch
i deadlifted 425lbs x 5 a few days ago, which is a PR, and this was pretty challenging, or at least the 5th rep was

overhead pressed 170lbs x 4 yesterday for a one rep PR

front squat 325lbs x 5, also a PR

today i power snatched 90k for a double, which is a PR, and got 97k for a bunch of singles (squat snatch) ... i attempted to triple it about four times, which never happened obviously. i went back down to 90k for a couple more power snatches

didn't c+j anything meaningful, just worked up to 110k, i had spent about an hour and fifteen minutes snatching so i don't think i was going to be able to push very hard here

Kroc rows and curls after this, and then i finished up with clean shrugs out of the rack, 405lbs x 5, which was surprisingly a lot easier than i expected it would be. my traps are pretty tired, not necessarily from just the clean shrugs but also from like, 5 or 6 power snatches at 90k and 6-7 snatch attempts at 97k (two of them being successful ... i overhead pressed and did some light benching yesterday, and these probably fucked with my ability to snatch and jerk today) ... lots of volume for the traps today

training's been mostly good
105k snatch
some recent highlights over the past week or two:

405lbs 3x5 squat

255lbs x 3 bench, first rep paused at chest

440lbs x 3 DL, ez pz

snatched 96k for a double, missed the third rep, but took a fourth and made it

cleaned 115k for a triple

overhead pressed 170lbs x 3

tonight i attempted 410lbs 3x5 for squat, and got the first two sets of 5, then got pinned at rep 3 on the last set. i can probably do this when i try it again, not really concerned. i've never squat 410lbs x 5 so .............................

overhead pressed 160lbs x 5, 4, 3, these were with < 5 minutes rest

my new thing to say to Justin is, "i'm changing, Justin. i'm adapting. i am ... evolving." tonight i took it to a new level with the addendum, "possibly into another pokemon."

105k snatch
105k snatch
here's that vid from last week

pretty good
105k snatch
crushed 405lbs 3x5 squats today. first set was pretty easy, second and third sets were basically a matter of keeping the momentum going. something that's plagued me before in the past is when i'm tired, i drive my hips up out of the bottom but get lazy about keeping my chest in position so i end up getting stuck just out of the hole with too much back angle ... so now on those last couple reps on each set i consciously think, OK, keep your fucking chest set, so when i drive my hips up, my chest follows and my back angle stays the same. i guess it makes my bounce a lot better

benched 240lbs x 4 + an assisted rep, then 235lbs x 5 and 235lbs x 3 (third set was after 5 mins rest, not enough rest), all first reps paused at the chest

bench is basically stuck, need an alternate plan, i might go to five sets of triples (maybe even 8x3 for more volume, this will require more time but if i want to beat 'em ....... )

i talked to a really pretty hispanic chick at the gym, she looked pretty athletic, but she left without acknowledging me so apparently she wasn't impressed

pretty good visit back home
105k snatch
snatched up to 105k on Wednesday. snatches looked pretty good, made some minor adjustments ... shins were too far vertical when i got into my start position, so i made sure they were touching the bar when i got set, and i thought about pushing the floor away to maintain my back angle off the floor (first thing that typically moves when i pulls is my chest coming up). made a pretty solid PR at 105k, i've got the vid on my cellphone camera and will find a way to upload it

cleaned 120k twice, missed the jerk both times because my dip and drive sucked. i did PR on my 3x5 squat yesterday so maybe my legs were tired? also i have not jerked anything meaningful in a while

dumbbell rows and curls afterwards

these past two days have literally and mathematically been the best training i've ever done in my entire life

also i've started doing barbell shrugs, everyone loves the idea except for Justin

105k snatch
i squat 400lbs 3x5 today, which is an all-time PR, wasn't too terribly difficult

don't tell Justin i only did 385lbs 3x5 last week ;( ;( ;(

just felt strong today

at WFAC for today and tomorrow, going to do some sn. and c+j tomorrow

these are old
105k snatch
not really impressive

320lbs x 5 front squat

435lbs x 3 low-bar back squat


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